Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Earthquake tower challenge

 Earthquake tower challenge 

we had to design and construct a two-story building using the
following materials!

-1 cardboard base (approximately 25 cm by 25 cm)
-30 straws
-100 paper clips (one box)
-20 pins
-2 meters of string

We (as a group) had question’s that we had to answer!
Our first question was.

what are the strongest parts of my building. was the walls because it keep the hole building up

what are the weakest prats of the building was the bottom of it because the bottom keep on coming apart so we tied the string up around the paper clips and pins.

where did you use your string in your structure. we put the string on the outside of the structure and we put it at the bottom so it can hold it up

Then we put the sand in the middle of the tower then we counted how many second that the structure can hold the sand it holed it for 2 second and then it was morning tea. Ather morning we keep on building structure then we put the sand in the middle again and holed it for 43 second

the end


  1. Hi Po,

    It is great to read about what you did in room 9 today! What would you do differently next time?

  2. Hi my name is Qaiden, and I go to Kawakawa Primary. I liked your writing about your tower It is pretty cool. How good was your tower compared to everybody else's. Next time try an add pictures. Come and check out MY BLOG sometime