Saturday, 8 July 2017

How to survival school holiday

                    How to survival school holiday
  • How to survival school holiday is that the student had 50 days of school and they are going to have a reset to week of school holiday          

  • What you going to do in your holiday
           Maybe helping home or

  • The school’s has two week holiday

  • What will you do when it's the holidays?

  • And you can do home school

  • Read more and practice times tables and do more

  • Your parents will do all your answer

  • Sometimes go have nice break at the beach

  • When you are at home you can blog your work as well

  • Get out off the house and do the lawn and do more

  • And at the end of the year we get 42 days at home     

Students have 50 days at school each term then they have school holidays because kids need a break.   At the end of each term of each term students have two weeks off and at the end of the year they have six weeks off. Some students feel bored in the school holidays because they like school and they don’t know what to do at home.

One thing you can do in your school holiday is work with your parents. They can help you do a blog post and do some school learning.  Your parents can teach you how to cook, do the washing, do the dishes, and how to fix stuff. Or your parents can tell you about their lives

Another thing you can do is read book like doing your reading log, or going to the shop buy things that you need, or lawn outside and do the gardens. And go around town and do more work and help family picking up something.

You can go on a holiday program. Or your parents can take you out to some place you want to go. In a holiday program you do volleyball, basketball, Multi Sports, play games like dodgeball,turbo touch and win some points.

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    Well done for finishing this piece of writing! It is great to see that you had so many ideas. What are you up to on your holiday now?