Friday, 3 February 2017

all about me

                                                   All about me

Hi my name is Po and i am a year 6 student at Glenbrae school. My favourite subjects at school are maths and writing, but I also like reading. I am in room 8 and my teachers is Miss Stone.  My favourite colour is red and I like to play rugby.



  1. Hi Po, well done for blogging your about me! This will give your audience some information about who you are.

  2. hi po my name is alyssa jones and i think your work is amazing cep up the good work

  3. Hi Po maths is a really cool subject Hope your doing good at it and what made you decide math was a good subject? I think maths is a good idea because I like learning about numbers. (and check out my blog)

  4. Hi Po!! Hope you are enjoying your time in room 8. Good to see you working hard and trying your best!!! Keep up the good work!!
    Miss Kay

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