Friday, 24 March 2017

How Humans Pollute the Environment

Plastic Fantastic

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  • Plastic bags can be useful and not useful
  • Some animals dead tangled in plastic stuffs
  • 160,000 plastic bags are used globally every second! 5 trillion plastic bags are produced yearly. Side by side, they can encircle the world 7 times.
  • Plastic bags can  kill sea animals.
  • The boat are leaving oil in the sea and sea animal are deadening

Friday, 17 March 2017

tasted testing

Today we did tasted testing we had Japanese seaweed chips,blueberry jelly and other Asian food.

One of the foods that we ate was the blueberry flavoured candy. It looked like little purple blueberries, like a little circle but they were like lollies. They smelled like blueberries. It tasted very sweet and it was very soft in your mouth like jelly. I really liked it because it was so very sweet and delicious.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Dominating Division

Dominating Division
We are learning to solve division equations using our multiplication know

45 ➗ 9 =5

50 ➗ 5 = 10

56 ➗ 7 = 8

30 ➗ 6 =5

120 ➗ 6 =20

75 ➗ 5 =15

231 ➗ 7 = 33

891 ➗ 9 =99


Kahawai by Paul Mason
We are learning to use questioning to support our understanding about a text.

  1. Fill in the table below, coming up with your own questions and answers for each (I have included some examples below)

are the main characters in the story?
Grandmother Trish and Areta.

Did the story take place?

In the morning.
Are the main characters fishing?
Towards Auckland city.
What happened to Auckland

Auckland sea water got polluted with rubbish

Why do you think we need to look after our sea water?

Because we need to look after our  sea animal.
does the characters ages affect their thinking?

Grandmother wants to sell the fish but the grand daughter wants to keep it.

IMG_20170316_094005_2.jpgImage result for kahawai fish

taste test

1.The chocolate tasted like hokey pokey and cream. It was creamy, chocolatey and sweet.
2.The dark chocolate tasted disgusting. It was bitter and tasted a bit like coffee.
3.The pringles tasted salty and had a strong flavour.
4.The Feta cheese tasted disgusting because it tasted powdery and creamy. It tasted different to other cheeses.

Image result for white chocolateImage result for dark chocolateImage result for pringlesImage result for feta cheese

how can you look after your health

How can you look after your health?

We are learning to use correct paragraph structure.

It is an important part of keeping you healthy and Caring about the way you look is important to your self.
esteem what you You should brush your teeth twice a day after breakfast and before you go to bed.
You need to eat the right kind of food. if we don't eat the right food, our bodies don't work as well So it is really important that we give our bodies the right kinds of food to do the job
You have to eat healthy because if you don’t eat the right food you are not healthy but if you do eat the right food your healthy and that is a good job if you eat the right food.