Tuesday, 16 May 2017

NZ dance

On Wednesday the NZ Dance Company came to Glenbrae school to perform a dance for us. My favourite dance was when xin and Chris were karate fighting in slow motion. It was really clever and cool how they did this. It was cool when Xin did a big karate kick! Chris also did a forward flip which was awesome.

After lunch we went to a dance workshop. It was great when Chris showed us some different dance moves. We all learnt a dance together and it was really fun.

egg challenge

On Monday 15th May we did the egg challenge in our class to make a safe nest and drop the nest and see if the egg cracked. We worked together to make our egg nest nice and warm and safe.

maths cake

today we learnt about decimals and we cut the cake in 10 pieces 1/10 witch were 1/10 or 0.1 if we had five slices it would be 5/10 or 0.5.

Monday, 15 May 2017

My Trip to the Aquarium

Yay! i woke up and yelled ‘’i can’t wait to get to the aquarium today, with my brother Kestrel and uncle Matt.’’ Uncle Matt told us to get everything ready before we hopped in the car. All of us were so noisy because we were looking forward to going to the aquarium.

When we got there we hopped out of the car and i said, “i can’t wait to go inside.” When you enter inside there are fish tanks filled with lots of different kinds of fish. There is a park and a cafe where you can sit and have a coffee or hot chocolate while having a little snack.

First we went to see the big fish tanks and i saw a stingray, squid, octopus, and shark. There were some people swimming underwater, feeding the fish even the ones that were camouflaged and which were really hard to see. Looking around at all the different types of fish Kestrel and I decided to see if we can count all the different types of fish in the tanks. It was kind of exciting at first but then got a little hard because there were just so many of them, swimming from side to side. I’m pretty sure I counted 3 of the same fish twice. So we moved on.

Moving from one end of the aquarium to the other to saw more of the other fish. We finally found the habitat where the penguins were, they looked so cute and cuddly it was so unreal. After that we went back out, went for a little car ride around Mission Bay and went home.                

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


       Solve it!

The case of the missing music
Main character(s)
Nina chase,max decker
Other characters
Mr tone,megan,larry,ron
At the music room
Ron left the conditioning on ninety degree no air was there
Main Events
The challenge was that how can get more ideas
When there went to the room it was hot and there was white smoke in the room
There called ron and said to camo and it off the conditioning to cold

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

primo milk

Screenshot 2017-04-05 at 12.43.05.png


Perfect Place value
We are learning to solve division equations using place value.

44 ➗ 4  = 11

75 ➗ 5 = 15

147 ➗ 7 = 21

132 ➗ 6 = 22

120 ➗ 6 = 20

880➗ 88  = 10

10 x 15 = 150

100 x 15 = 1500

5 x 21 = 105

13 x 14 =182

21 x 17 = 357

56 x 12 = 672

77 x 11 = 847