Thursday, 12 April 2018

I Heard A Whisper

I Heard A Whisper

In the weekend every week our Family and my Dog Max go on a walk for an hour and 30 minutes. We went for a walk along the road side then there were a forest that came out of nowhere then we started to walk in the forest. Then we got to far in that we didn't know that then looked around us we were in the middle of nowhere.

Then our Dog Max started barking then we carried on walking then our Dog Max found a house that was carved in vines that we didn’t see. And we went to the house and ceed the house out it was a two story house it was like we were in a horror movie.

We were looking around in the house there were Spiders and Spider webs, and a lot of vines. We were looking around there were just old staff then we found a treasure chest and we decided to open the treasure chest and there were just Snakes in the treasure chest then we all got scared and we ran outside and started to ran away  then we said do we know where we going and then the Dog started to bark louder we didn’t know that he heard a whisper then we heard the whisper in person and we got scared more than the snake

Then we didn’t know what to do so we just yelled out for help then there was nobody that answered us so we went back to the house and there were a little girl that was scared and we wanted to help her. But we didn’t know to do so we left the house and she was running toward us so we just ran and the little girl wasn’t running toward us and we got more scared.

So there was a road that we saw so we ran toward the road way and then there was a car that went past so we wanted a ride then it went past and there were nobody drive the car and then the girl showed at the back of the car and then we ran and our dog max ran after the car then we went to look for our dog and we didn’t find him then he bark then we when back into the forest and we started to run and looking for our dog .

After all the stuff  we been through we were tired so we took a rests and then suddenly our dog came back with a man and he said, is this your dog he was running after a car and that’s when i saw your dog and i put it in my car and i started to drive and i saw you guy,s and i thought in my head that the dog was your dog so we said can we have a ride home please, and he said yes i can then they live ever happy after.

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