Thursday, 12 April 2018



Once upon a time there were these boys that lived in the forest and they name are alex, loto, trent, and ,stanley they all decided to go for a walk in the forest they all took food, and water so they don’t get Thrifty or hungry and they also took a first aid kit.

When they went out into the forest they found a treasure chest and they thought that there were gonna be gold or money then when there open the treasure chest there were just a map that lead them to a big tree and there was a secret door.

And when you walk into the door there was only steers that lead them all the way to the top of the tree. And when they got to the top of the tree there was a trap and stanley fall into a whole and then he disappeared then we started to look for stanley and calling his name and he didn’t answered so we left the tree and then ran away from the tree.

Then we got scared because stanley fall into a whole and that he didn’t come back so we went back to the tree and the door to the tree wasn’t there so we got more scared so we took out the map and it said on the map that we had to go to a house that was an abandoned houses so decided to go onto the house and find out what we had to do next so they went in the house and the house was a two story house and it looks new in the outside and there is old stuff in the inside.

On the map it told us to look around in the house you will find something in the house so they all  had a look around in the house and then they find a box and when they opened the box and it had a glass jar that had blue stuff in the glass jar and they said what do we with this glass jar that has blue stuff in it and then they thought if they smash the glass jar that something will happen then they smash the glass then nothing happened then there was something that took Loto and Trent.

And Alex was the only one that was still there and Stanley, Trent, and Loto disappeared then Alex was scared and was calling there name and there was on answer so he tried to find his way home so he used the map to go back the way he went then he found he house. Then he rushed into the door and yelling out to he parents and he was so scared and started to cry then a while Loto, Trent, Stanley, and the parents came back to the house and said had a good time going for a walk. Then he told his story about what just happened then they said you were just dreaming.


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