Thursday, 16 March 2017

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    What a Disaster! by Katie Furze
     We are learning to identify how a writer reports on a current event

Word in your language?
the quality of being poisonous, especially the degree of virulence
Oil is toxic.
Sifting through something - searching through it.
My aunty was sifting the flour when she did the baking  
Parts of something. Like the parts from the shipwreck could be called debris.
The debris is from the ship and the oil.

  1. Who is reporting the current event? who is writing the story.

  1. Is this story true (non-fiction) , or made up (fiction)? How do you know this?Basically, you went to nonfiction for the content, the subject.

  1. What current event is the author describing the number of co-first authors, but we ask that you describe.

  1. Does this article include just the facts, or does it include the author's thoughts and experiences as well?this article includes the author's thoughts and experiences as well.

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