Thursday, 16 March 2017

reading time

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A Rock and a Hard Place - V.M. Jones
                  LI: We are learning to use reciprocal reading
                        We are learning to identify the effect that culture has on identity.

Use in a sentence
Scowling is getting angry
I was scowling when i fall on to the ground
Jostling is bushing other people
I was having a fight and i got bushed
Jagged is like Sharp
I play in the storming weather and saw sharp

1. What is the boy’s situation - how is he stuck between a rock and a hard place?

He didn’t know which team to support.

2. From his description of South Africa, what do you think it was like?

There were lots of thieves, it was dangerous,

3. How was his life different in South Africa compared with his life in New Zealand?

There are less thieves, it's safe and sound in New zealand.

4. Why did different people have different answers for the boys problem?

People say to support their team. Everyone wanted him to support their own team.

5. What was the solution the boy came to in the end?

He could support both teams.

6. In this story, the main character struggled with his identity, as both a kiwi and a South African.
Besides his culture, what other things do we know about the boy's identity?

He liked his cat, he wants to be like his cat, he likes his team and rugby, he likes his coach, his friends, Dad and mum.

7. Would these change if he moved country again?

They will stay the same

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