Sunday, 17 December 2017


Thank Goodness for Beesby Bronwen Wall
We are learning to Infer meaning and make judgements about a text.

What family of insects do bees and wasps belong to? The honey bee and all other types of bee belong to a large family of insects called hymenoptera (say hi-men-op-ter-ah).

What do bees eat?Honey bees collect nectar and convert it to honey. The majority of honey bee larvae eat honey, but larvae that are chosen to become future queens will be fed with royal jelly.

Vocabulary Definition.. Solitary solitary meaning definition what is solitary A solitary person or thing is the only person or thing in a place.

Foraging forage meaning definition what is forage to go from place to place searching for things that you can eat or use.

Colony Colony comes from the Latin colonia meaning settled land farm Colony can also mean a group of people who've gathered to live near each other and share.

How did the bee change so that it can get nectar and pollen?
1. The long tongue.
2. Grow some hair.

Where do bees turn nectar into honey? Bees start making honey which is their food by visiting flowers. They turn nectar into honey in their honey stomach.

Do bees work together? How do you know? They work diligently all summer in order to produce enough food to survive the winter. They all protect the queen as well.

What is the difference between a social bee and a solitary bee? Social  Solitary Bees. Large groups of bees or wasps can inspire fear or  Make sure you know the difference between social and solitary bee species in your.

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