Wednesday, 18 October 2017

In the holidays

In the holiday Po & Pelenise went to the movies and watched a movie which is called The Changeover. Once we got into the movies, we had to buy the tickets for the Changeover. When we were waiting for the movie to start we went and played at the arcade center. There was heaps of games like racing car games,shooting games,air hockey, and also other heaps of games that we played. Then we grabbed some chocolate to eat.

When we were walking to where our movies was, we couldn’t wait to watch the movie.
In the movie the little boy get kidnaped from the park. We watched the movie until the end and we ate our chocolate. And then Pelenise and I were so happy to watch the movie because it was interesting.

Then the movie was about to finish so Pelenise and I left the movies and there were lots of people but we waited until the next movie. The next movie was call IT. IT is a movie with a clown that kills kids. And there were 7 kids in the movie. Then after the movie IT finished tme and Pelenise started to walk home. When we were walking home we went to go get something to eat then we started to walk to mcdonalds. Then we went home to play on our ps4.

The end

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  1. Hi Po,

    Well done for following the structure of a recount - you described the events in order and how you felt about the event. Next time we will see if we can add some more adjectives and description to make it more interesting for our audience. Well done for writing this after being away for so long!