Monday, 19 September 2016

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Creating a story map is a way to help you understand and summarize the stories you read.  When you make a story map, you identify the basic story elements, such as the characters, setting, conflict, and important plot events.
Read your story. Create a story map using google docs under the headings on the template provided. Share your story map on your individual blog after you have edited it.
Story Map
Title: happens to everybody.
Author: david hill.
Characters: mum,dad nana,cody.
Setting: inside the hallway by the bedroom.
Conflict: cody was sleepwalking in the hallway.
Resolution: dad put cody back to sleep.

Beginning: cody was sleepwalking inside the hallway by his bed.

Middle: dad put him back to bed.

End: the mum read a bedtime story the End.

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